Rewind : 2015

Hello guys, It’s been a while since my last post. Been busy lately 🙂
But every year since I’ve opened my own wordpress, I’m going to write a

REWIND : 2015

Let’s to be honest for a while. 2k15 isn’t an easy year for me. Mentally and emotionally. And I can’t even remember what’s going on during January to June. Been twice since this year. But through every photo I’ll try to remember what I’ve done a whole year.

January : Ordinary One
I don’t think there’s something that’s really fun to do but I still remember that January is a month that’s consist of rain and flood . Yea. Happens everytime . But We can’t blame anyone. Since a long time ago, Jakarta has been flooded . To Be Exact, the reason why Gomati River was built because of the flood. Alright, everything seems fine ! I was a 11th Grader at Senior High School . I also went to Summarecon Mall Serpong on the early of January. We went lunch Sate Khas Senayan And there’s the celebration for School’s celebration. Yeah, it’s a bit late but still okay though. January 17th is a nightmare. I was participated in a school band. It didn’t turn out like what me and my friends have planned. But the leader which is the guitarist talked bad behind me. He accused me of singing a wrong note and out of tune. But he’s never said it to me. SINCE THAT DAY , I DON’T WANT TO SING ANYMORE. I was upset and did nothing since I didn’t want to make any trouble. But after I’ve graduated, I will not say anything about it. LOL. I believe one day that he have to pay what he has done. Karma exists bro. And I met the one that I hate the most on school. Of course that person didn’t recognise me since I’ve changed a lot. Let sum it all : I don’t really like January. The only good thing I remember is I meet my crush since primary school which is awesome but not sure he still recognised me since I’ve also changed a lot. He didn’t change at all. Just taller than before. Let’s say that I’ve crush on him for 8 years . HAHAHAHA

February : Month Of Love
I also don’t do much on February. I was participated in church community to do a social service on Valentine’s Day which is on February 14th . The event was about free checkup to the dentist and the doctor for the needed one. And then there’s flood and I did a video call with My friends, M and W because We haven’t talked since I’ve moved out from my old school. It was on February 10th. I was having a lunch at Sands Restaurnt – Hongkong Dimsum during Chinese New Year And I watch Foxcatcher . I won the the jacket that I really want

March : A comeback for Concert
So yeah nothing has happened during early until mid March. But during end of March esp.March 27th I went to watch Cinderella which is a new hangout with A,C,S,W. And March 29th I went to watch 2PM concert for free . I got 2 tickets . I got the ticket from KoKas. It’s retweeted event . And I got the bronze left. We had a lot of fun. And omg it’s fun.

April : Hanging Out
One of my bff has birthday so I came to her house and made a cute cake for her. But I also celebrated her 18th birthday with my team too so we sort of made it twice. Been a while . I got my EXO Album . And also the best part is that I won two tickets to watch SS6 Super Junior in Jakarta but unfortunately due some reasons I can’t come 😦 I won it from Ga**s magazine . And after that nothing special .

Alright so WHYSTYLE openes up a pop up store in Jakarta . And I had a time to go there . And I saw Yesung’s little brother which is so handsome and I did a handshake with him. OMG OMG OMG And also I bought a bracelet from them. I like it very much ^^~ And I got excellent award since I can sing Jazz but I feel so so hahaha. But Thank you , Teacher.


So, I met up with my Team . My sister has her 30th Birthday .I was also participated on Talk!Talk!Korea 2015. But I didn’t make it. Also on nearly end of June, I went to Surabaya and had a real amazing trip. I went to Malang to tried the famous ice cream (Toko Oen) which I really like. The texture a little bit rough but I really like it. I also went to Batu Secret Zoo and Eco Green Park which is marvelous ! I also went on a trip to B29. A place which is 2900 M high based on Bromo Mountain and not sea level. OMG In love with the experience. It was full of cloud and luckily It was sunny . Usually there’ll be rain and more. You should went there. It’s called as “Negeri Di Atas Awan” or “City Above The Sky” . From Above you can see 3 mountains. Bromo, Semeru, and I forgot the other one. I am in love. Only one word that I can tell. Captivating. After woke up around 1 PM and comeback around 8 AM , they’re all precious. After that we went back to the hotel to have a breakfast and also went to the next journey. Well, I went to Tanjung Papuma. It’s so enchanting that I’m super duper in love with the Beach. I’m just in love with the beach and the mountain. They’re all in one day. Then after from the beach, I stayed in hotel which actually the next day we’re going to A waterfall. But I don’t know, I guess I’m sort of homesick, so I decided to went back to town. But before I went back to Surabaya, we went to Bee Jay Bakau Resort. My first time to go there to be honest . AND SUPER DUPER IN LOVE. Eventho there’s only mangroves but I love it. We went for late lunch . We’re super satisfied. The seafoods are amazing. And we went back to town. The Last Day we went to Pasar Atom to buy stuffs and more. I’m so happy eventho sometimes there’s some moments that I have arguments with my cousins. But that’s alright. It’s a wrap. My 17th wishlist to travel has been fulfilled a little bit. I also watch Jirayu Kao since I had nothing to do and it’s only 150K . In the middle of July, me and my family went to Bandung . We went to nice villas, and went for dinner at The Valley which is amazing . On July 22th, I went to PIM and bought new shoes for school . On July 23rd, I went to KCC to apply for my Korean Class.I was accepted in the end.And when I went there , that’s my first time using GOJEK. The day I know Joshua is July 29th . Special Day too. That’s all for my June-July. I’m satisfied and happy as well.

August : New Experience
I went to POPCON Asia for the first time and met Seo Woo the writer of Orange Marmalade. I was so happy and fun. My first time went to the event like that. Also I went to Kalbis Institute for a campus visit.. August 30th, I went for my very first Korean Class. I was not the youngest. My first day I sat next to E ssi.

September : Event
On September 9th, I went to Tarakanita I for a seminar event which is attended also by our wife’s governor. I was sat behind her and omg she’s so pretty and smart . On September 23rd , My school had a big event and I’m one of the committee. I also went to watch Maze Runner : The Scorch Trial alone . that’s my September

October : F.U.N
October 7th, I met my friend,W, that has stayed in Jakarta for two weeks. We went to Public Markette. October 8th, I went to Bali- Yogya Trip. Study Tour . I went there and tried to play paraceiling for the first time. IDR 150K for 2 minutes. I know it’s pretty expensive but yeah, YOLO and I don’t want to end up regret things during my old age that I’ve never done crazy and challenging things while I’m young. Yeah, it’s super amazing and I will do it again. Another bucketlist has been fulfilled. Yo, I was 17 and I’m so glad that I’ve accomplished my goals a little bit since I will turn out to be 18 after my study tour . We went to Pandawa Beach which is so recommended. I went to go on Canoe nd it’s only 50K for a boat that can consist 3 people. During tour coming back to the shore from the coral place, my Friend C, his foot got stucked with sea urchin and I went back with 4 people since the other canoe was lost and the one who did it was our Junior, called as MLN(name of the fruit in bahasa). And in the end it’s almost sinking but it’s fun. Yeah . In Jogja, I went to Malioboro which is awesome. I have tried their famous street food and definitely in love with Gudeg Bu Yum also Lumping in front of Hotel Mutiara. Too bad I don’t try Wedang Ronde because I’m too full and Cendol since it’s been closed. My classmates came and did pizza party for my birthday. Thanks.

November : Challenge
So November 7th, I was taking an entry test to one of public speaking school here, I’m taking the international class so I have to take the test. In the morning, I was participated in one of quiz for Eru’s concert. After the test, I opened my ig and I won it. I won it from ATK . Anda Tahu Kpopers. Thank you so much. I was thinking not to come since I’ve really tired after the test . But finally I came since I’m pretty curios. And the best thing is that I got a crush on the usher of the concert. He has blonde hair and asian face. He’s tall. He’s cute anyway. He asked me if I came alone and I nodded. I was wondering why I looked so cold >,< OMG MY MISTAKE. He’s so kind and omg he’s sort of my type. He asked me if I like Eru. I said “yea, I like him a little bit.” And while I watched the concert , he was standing like 2 rows behind me. We met because he asked all the pink tickets holder to join in the festival or purple area. OMG. That Boy. I will never forget him. Wish can meet you on the other concert. and I don’t really feel well to myself. I feel so stressed out, tired,and sort of anti social. Idk why, I just did.

December : End
I was having my 5th term test at school . On December 13th, I had my Korean Test. I was so worried that I can’t answer the interview test but luckily I did it well. We’re also having a farewell party at Bon Chon Chicken. I was also having my report card but I don’t think it’s a great one . I still nothing and need to improve. December 12th, My 1st Path Anniversary. December 15th, Our Class XII IPS 1 won Band as the 2nd winner and also Dance as the 1st winner. About the band, that’s really the last thing I want to do and I won’t do band anymore December 19th, I went to UI and had their christmas celebration.

After all that’s my rewind for 2015 in general. I had a problem for real with my memories these days. But like Ed Sheeran’s song I save every moment on Photograph. so cheesy




Banjir Moment


Band Moment


Me and Santa on School’s Christmas Celebration


New Year’s lunch


I won the jacket .


I won’t the award. It’s a pin and a wafer which is tasty.

That’s sort of random picture from 2015 .




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