Well, like every year. . I’ll do a flashback . This year will be in 2014.

I don’t remember much about January-May. Probably because I was in not a good condition. Let’s start!


Well, let’s say that on february I have an audition for SM Entertainment. My number was 6513 and I failed. But that’s alright since I did it with my friend and we’re kind of looking for an experience. It’s just really made me nervous and up to now everytime I see the info about 2015 audition ..my hand will sweat a lot. Haha. And I got my baptism


From this month, I don’t really remember what’s going on , that’s what I’m giving the title of that 3 months, Amnesia. But one thing for sure, Kris filled the lawsuit . And it’s kind of hurt me since I really like him .


yeah, 2014, June 20th .. The worst date ever. I was taking my report by myself and I was failed . I was mad, angry, disappointed to people around me and myself. I was an introvert. I was mad because I’ve tried my best and it’s still not to be considered by everyone(no need to tell who are that guys) I was working really hard. But everytime I heard about my old time, I was angry and don’t care about them. THEN I MOVED OUT FROM THAT SCHOOL


I’ve moved to a new school which totally different from my old school. Well, nothing special , just so so. And on August I went on vacation together with my cousins from Surabaya to Bandung and they came to Jakarta also. We’ve lot of fun there.


Okay, one of the best month ever. After hiatus for almost a year I guess I went to two amazing concerts. On September 6th, I went to THE LOST PLANET INA which mean it is exo’s concert. And I was really happy that I can see Xiumin. Too bad Kris isn’t there but Luhan also still there. Omo.. and Chen ..he’s just amazing and when he sang and do the choreo my lady.. duh I can’t stop my fangirling vibe. So damn happy gahaha. Always remember that day. But the best part was I came to The Color Independent Artist Festival (TCIAF) which held on September 28th . I got the ticket for free which I can take a photo and meet two performers of the festival. I chose Ryan Higa and Joseph Vincent. Omg Joseph Vincent is really kind. The first time I saw him, he hug me and say hi. And Ryan Higa! I LIKE HIM SOO MUCHHH. HE’S ALSO HUG ME SO IT’S LIKE THREE BEARS HUG TOGETHER. HAHA SWEET . And we took photo together. Omg I’m sooo amazingly happy and that moment will never be forgotten. THE BEST MONTH OF MY LIFE.


Turnung 17 this year. I GOT SURPRISE FROM MY OLD FRIEND. EVEN THEY’RE BUSY BUT THEY STILL CAME. .. THANKYOU SO MUCH GUYS~ ILY♡ and also to my school friends. Thankyou. I got my KTP(Kartu Tanda Penduduk). It’s like Citizenship Card for Citizen in my county. Yeaayyy ^_^


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