Well, he’s handsome right ?


Position : Leader, vocal

Born : October 16, 1987, Seoul, South Korea (Well, his birthday same like me. It just I’m younger than him 10 years)

Height/Weight : 176cm/60kg

Education  : Graduated Anyang Arts High, Se Jong University Film Arts

Interests: technology

  • He is the Leader and the eldest of the group
  • He’s the only MBLAQ member that uses his real name
  • He leads his team well
  • He’s supposed to use ‘Mir’ as his stage name at first
  • His voice is sweet and lovely
  • He got a very luscious lips and that slit on his bottom lips is the sexiest thing ever.
  • He always licks his lips
  • He learned gymnastics
  • He got mad piano skills Click
  • He learned to play this piece by watching a video of it.
  • He can play guitar
  • He can beatbox
  • He used to perform on plays during his younger years
  • He was the Class President (even School Captain) all throughout school.
  • Loves everything about electronics
  • He can breakdance
  • He can do card tricks
  • He hates doing aegyo
  • He can easily fall asleep in a matter of seconds
  • He is honest and a very straight forward person
  • He can use chopsticks with both hands.
  • He and Soyeon( T-ara ) are best friends in real life. They have known each other for 8 years because they went to the same high school
  • The other members (mainly Joon) stated that he can fix anything. When something breaks or stops working, Seungho’s the man to go to.
  • Had a cameo role on Banolim 2
  • Korean A+s gave him nicknames “Yang Samju” “Yang Chopin” “Pink Seungho”
  • His ideal girl is Jun Ji-hyun( what about me ? Hohohoho)
  • First member to have an Official Twitter Account (@MBLAQ_SH)
  • Got featured for the song Gray Sky by Lee Hyun Jung for Banolim (반올림3) OST back in 2006
  • He’s so good at playing soccer!
  • Seungho fractured his ribs during the Makbanshi wrestling game back in December
  • He still performed G.O.O.D LUV with the other members on stage despite his injuries since he didn’t want the newly made MBLAQ to lag behind
  • Seungho’s the first member to have Me2day account 
  • He arranged some parts of this piece (Beethoven Piano Sonate No. 23 op. 57 ‘Appassionata’ 
    – 3. Allegro, ma non troppo – Presto) 
  • He’s the only MBLAQ member who is the eldest among his siblings, the rest of the MBLAQ boys are the maknaes & the only son of their family.
  • Seungho was nicknamed “Devil” by F.Cuz’s leader, his direct hoobae.
  • He gained money by doing piano lessons and teaching apparatus gymnastics during his pre-debut days
  • He learned Hapkido and Judo, and used this skills on torturing his members! lol
  • He now has an iPhone, a Blackberry, an iPad, and planning to buy the new iPhone 4G. (or maybe he has one already). I think he’s really into gadget >,<
  • He hates it when his close friends calls him with his family name.
  • Seungho is scared of fast-walking zombies (he said this on Sukira) LOL.
  • He likes woman who is good in cooking, pretty and kind. A perfect woman. (OMO !! I can cook !)
  • He can impersonate the error in the computer —>
  • He said that if he could go on a group blind date in college, he would like to do one with rhythm gymnastics majors.
  • Already gotten a 680 on a TOEIC(Test Of English for International Communication), an official English test he took in middle school.
  • He’s good in drawing too.
  • He’s scared of rats
  • The song that he often sings in karaoke is “Ha Neul Eul Dal Li Da” (Run Across the Sky)”
  • His nick name is Yang Ssong (Because his real name Yang Seungho sounds like that when one says it quickly)
  • He wants to have a son first when he gets married, because his son will pass on the Yang family name.
  • He can KNIT!!!
  • He was MBLAQ’s Manager before they had one. ( I want to be their manager)
  • Joon has metioned before that he has multiple connections with female celebrities.
  • His ideal tpe was once Hwangbo but was change at the last minute causing humor on set of shows they both appeared on.
  • mentioned on Beatles Code to never return the money lent to him.
  • His ideal girl is one who is straightforward and honest
  • He loves to attend shootings for God of Cookery.
  • He is frequently referred to as Yang Panda due to his large dark circles
  • He is very good at breakdancing
  • He is very good friends with fellow band mate and 87-line G.O
  • He reportedly often hits the members since he knows judo
  • He is the member who has changed his hair color the most
  • He has a d-line body (only pregnant women are suppose to :D) according to a doctor on idol army . Whatever even it’s O, D, even S line I still love Seungho Oppa
  • He put his hair down for an oh yeah performance but Papa Rain ordered it to be spiked at all times after that (actually prefer put his hair down , really cute )




Cr facts : wordofmblaqtumblr

Cr pic : google



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