He is the lead singer Nichkhun of 2PM Korean boyband group. Born in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He spent his childhood in Thailand and California and studied abroad in New Zealand. He returned to America to go in high school and was discovered by a talent agent in Hollywood JYP, while attending the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles.

  1.      Nichkhun mulatto China – Thailand
  2.      Nichkhun is a coach at Rosemead High School for former badminton team
  3.      Nichkhun is a member who was recruited directly by JYP Entertainment (* has plenty of skill siih)
  4.      Nichkhun can write with both hands (left and right)
  5.      Nichkhun said she would never want to have a law of a fellow member of 2PM
  6.      Nichkhun said that MP3 was his life, so he always took
  7.      Nichkhun get the nickname king twitter at 2pm (* diligent ngetweet ya oppa ^ ^)
  8.      Nichkhun has a special calling that Khunnie Boy
  9.      Nichkhun has the ideal type of woman like Yoona SNSD
  10.      Nichkhun likes Vanilla flavour
  11.      Nichkhun’s first love happened when he was in the kindergarten *omoooo * *Is that me ?* *just kidding*
  12.      Nichkhun is a Buddhist
  13.      Nichkhun’s ideal type is cute , nice, and take care of her parents.
  14.      Nichkhun was trained for 3 years
  15.      Nichkhun likes Winter *wow, I like winter too. Always makes me happy *
  16.      Nichkhun’s speciality are Piano and Acrobatics
  17.      Nichkhun’s nick name while in New Zealand was “Milky Boy”
  18.      Nichkhun dislikes Avocado
  19.      Nichkhun is shy, kind, and protective brother to his younger sister *omooooo, please be my brother oppa ! saranghaeyooo*
  20.      Nichkhun wants to cook for his own child in the future

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Nichkhun’s profile

Name: Nichkhun
Original Name: Nichkhun Horvejkul
Position in group: vocalist
Date of Birth: June 24, 1988
Place of Birth: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Education: School Dhepkanjana, Tangpiroondham School, Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand, Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California
Agency: JYP Entertainment
Language: English, Korean, Thailand






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